Bread: Little Sourdough Kitchen

We source our sourdough bread from Little Sourdough Kitchen, a local, independent bakery, hand-making fresh and organic sourdough bread daily.

Why sourdough?

Sourdough is more digestible than standard bread due to its unique fermentation process. Made with a “starter”, lactic acid ferment the dough, and helps to lower the glycemic index, making sourdough have a smaller impact on your blood sugar than conventionally made bread.

Wagyu Beef – Lidgate Butchers

Lidgate’s family butcher’s have generations of expertise in West London, with an emphasis on sourcing grass-fed, high-quality meat from responsible farmers.

Why Wagu?

Arguably the highest quality beef on the market, Wagyu beef is beautifully marbled, with an unparalleled tenderness and taste, making it the perfect choice for our signature Wagyu Bolognese.

Chicken & Bavette Steak: Parsons Nose

A local family-owned traditional butcher in the heart of Fulham, Parson’s Nose sources premium quality meats from across the UK from suppliers who practice natural rearing methods. We support our local butchers, and source our delicious Bavette Steak and Poultry from Parson’s Nose.

Bavette Steak

Our steaks are Grass-Fed from the Scottish Lowlands and Borders. Grass-fed, naturally reared cattle have higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and less total fat than conventionally raised cattle.


Our naturally reared, free-range chickens come from Sutton Hoo, located in the Suffolk Countryside by the Nash family. A 90 day reared chicken, gives the meat superior flavour and texture, making it a meal to remember.

Eggs: St. Ewe

St. Ewe is a part of the innovative family-run farm in the Cornwall countryside, Ventonwym Farms. They produce and distribute 100% free-range eggs from happy hens. St. Ewe understands that the quality of the egg is impacted by the quality of feed, and ensures their family-sized suppliers are set take the utmost care in their hens’ health.