The Good, The Bad, and The Duck-ly: New American Specials

For this weekend only, Manuka Kitchen is transforming Fulham into the Wild (South)West! With a brand new special and the return of an old favourite, there’s a lot of media buzz around our American-style menu. Check out the star-studded cast below:

The Cowboy is played by our Duck and Waffle. It’s a succulent duck leg and crispy fried egg on a sweet waffle bed. Duck and Waffle got the leading part because of its surprising spiced-honey drizzle.

The Damsel is played by our Sweet Corn Fritters. With three stacks of golden-brown fritters topped with a dollop of yoghurt and apple and pear chutney, they’re sure to add some much-needed depth (and height) to the role.

And the Cowboy’s Trusty Horse is played by our much-beloved classic, the Peanut-Butter Chocolate Tart. Peanut-butter ice cream, rich chocolate ganache, and a salt-pretzel base; always there when you need it!

Limited theatrical release between the 25th-26th of February. Grab your tickets while you can!

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